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Information to assist you with your printing

1. Everything you need to know about paper - almost

Chosing the correct paper for your items will have a big impact on whether your objectives are achieved.

A "Quality" offering on cheap flimsy paper will send the wrong message. Equally if you wish to portray an image of cheap and cheerful there is no point using very expensive stock. It sends mixed messages.

Here we give you some information about paper GSM, thickness and texture.

2. Document Finishing

Printing a document is only part of the story.  Often it is the document finishing that is critical to how a document is perceived and achieves its objectives.

What is document finishing?

These are the processes that take the printed piece from raw printed product through to finished product. Finishing includes

3. Special Printing Effects

There are a number of treatments that can make your printing stand out from the crowd.  

Some require set up costs so are more suited to larger volumes. For instance foiling and embossing require the production of a block and any special cutting requirements will often require the production of a forme. These treatments also require another stage in the production process so this also adds to the cost. Whilst the upfront costs can be quite high the block and forme costs only apply to the initial run. These can continue to be used until a design change is required.