Printing Special Effects

Special Printing Effects

Set yourself apart by taking advantage of some of the printing effects that add impact.

We can assist what works, what provides the best value for money and which will achieve your objectives.

  • Scodix

    Scodix is a digital printing treatment that adds the wow factor by adding a slightly raised gloss effect to your printed product.

    Looks great as it is over-printed on matt laminated card stock.

    Utilised mostly for business cards but equally looks fantastic on marketing cards.

  • Foiling

    Foil stamping / foil printing or foil ‘blocking’ is a traditional style of letterpress printing where an image is applied to a product or substrate such as paper, cardboard, leather and various plastics.
    Foil stamping is a ‘dry’ process using rolls of foil – sometimes called gold leaf but not limited to the colour gold of course. Printing foil is made up of several layers and is applied using heat and pressure.

  • Spot UV
    Spot UV

    This is a gloss treatment applied to text or images on offset printed items. It is a low profile gloss treatment.

    The spot UV is added to matt laminated card. This looks great on business and marketing cards. Use it sparingly to make your logo or a special image pop out.

  • Embossing

    Embossing, essentially is moulding the substrate – generally paper or card – with a female embossing block and it’s male counterpart.
    By using the force of an embossing machine, the paper and card is pressed into the shapes determined by the embossing block.

  • Debossing

    Debossing is the opposite of embossing – instead of the image standing proud on the page – it is pressed into the card to give a different effect

  • Forme Cutting
    Forme Cutting

    A specially made forme is used to cut the printed page to almost any shape.